Enchanted Village/ Wild Waves/Frightfest

Enchanted Village/Wild Waves offers a great mix of attractions for visitors of all ages. For the younger guests, there is a very nice section that offers age appropriate attractions that will keep children busy. For the more daring riders, Timberhawk Ride of Prey has opened offering the largest wooden coaster in the state.

The impressive coaster Timberhawk that is very smooth for a wooden coaster and takes riders on a spectacular trip filled with drops, turns and a great view.
When combined with the recent addition Disko Flashback, a Spinning rocking Disc that is very fun mixture of sound and spinning. Classic such as the Timber Axe, Lumberjack Falls, The Gambler, and the bumper cars to name a few are present, but I was sad to see Lumberjack Falls was not opened as I am one of those people that love to ride the water ride on a crip and cold Fall evening.

Those are but a few of the many rides as the Shockwave looping coaster is still thrilling riders as are the paratrooper, Ring of Fire and many more as the park has a great mix of family and adult rides and does offer a childs ride area as well.

There are plenty of concession areas and the park also offers some great gaming as well with a wide range of prizes for those who want to test their skills on the midway.

The park also offers very good specialized entertainment and attractions for Halloween. For 2008 The haunted events are the best yet. From the haunted house to the new Trail of Terror, guests get two haunted events that will delight and sacre quests of all ages. I suggest making sure to get in line from the Trail of Terror as soon as it starts (7:30) as the line can become very long. The Trail takes the sets and scares of the Screamfactory Haunted House further by giving guests snakes, smoke, and intense strobe lights as they walk through haunted locales.

Another fun event was being able to ride The Timberhawk in total darkness as there is nothing like it anywhere. This year, the loading area which is the only lit area of the ride, had Halloween themed lighting and decorations. The line for this is also long and closes at 9:30 so guests may want to do what we did and go to the Timberhawk after touring the Scream Factory, and then getting in line for the Trail of Terror.

Booville is a great area for younger guests and if music is your thing, you will want to catch the tunes of a live DJ at the Wavepool Dance party.

The amazing Draw of the show was Sideshow Bennie, an amazing act that was complete with daring feats such as driving nails, and screwdrivers into his head, laying on glass, stapling money to his head and much more. I was able to meet with Bennie after the show and learned the amazing story behind this grandfather. After 20 years of being a cubicle employee, Bennie decided to do what makes him happy, and after years of study, he has become a top attraction doing well over 150 dates a year. As good as the rides were, his 2 shows were worth the price of admission alone.

For Summer Guests.
If a change of pace is needed, I suggest checking out the water park where all manner of slides, wave pools, and attractions will cool off and delight guests of all ages.
Of course there are a variety of shops, shows, and restaurants, make Wild Waves/Enchanted Village a must visit attraction for any visit to Seattle.
One new attraction that will delight guests is the new Zooma Falls.

The giant family raft slide towers above the park at five stories, 50 feet, and include a crossover curve out of the shoot, four turns and five acceleration zones culminating in a cool slide into the middle of the Konga River.

“Zooma Falls is the ultimate family experience in water slide fun!” said Cathryn Schmit, marketing director of Wild Waves and Enchanted Village. “Zooma Falls will be an exciting addition to the hugely popular Konga River and Konga River slides area, where people of all ages find excitement and entertainment.”

Riders brave the slide in a specially designed clover leaf shaped raft engineered for safety and speed while accommodating riders of all ages. To begin, rafts will be picked up from a holding area next to the Konga River. Groups will hop into each raft, one person sitting in each leaf of the “clover.” This configuration lets guests face each other during the experience, giving them a front row view of their fellow riders’ hilarious reactions! After finishing, riders can catch their breath by heading over to lazily float the Konga River.

Gareth Von Kallenabch