Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain offers a great mix of attractions for visitors of all ages. For the younger guests, there is a very nice section that offers age appropriate attractions that will keep children busy. There is also a petting zoo for when something other than rides are needed for the younger guests. For the more daring riders, Magic Mountain has the best collection of thrill rides anywhere.

The newest rides at the park were the impressive coasters Déjà vu and X. Both are looping, and twisting coasters but X has an impressive twist where riders are able to rotate during the course of the ride. Riders start out looking backward as they ascend the launch only to change their point of view during the ride making for a unique and enthralling ride.

When combined with the recent Goliath where riders take a 61-degree drop from 255 feet into a 120 foot-long underground tunnel shrouded in total darkness at 85 MPH before heading into a series of turns and zero gravity drops, it is easy to see how the best has just gotten better for thrill seekers. Of course the classic Colossus is still there tough it was closed for renovation on my visit. Still, there were many other coasters such as the Batman ride and the looping free-standing Riddler’s Revenge.

Those are but a few of the many coasters as the classic Viper, Revolution, Ninja and Gold Rusher are there as well. Not to be missed is the Superman The Escape attraction where electromagnetic motors hurtle riders from 0-100 MPH in seven seconds as they ascend a 41-story tower and experience 6.5 seconds of weightlessness before they ascend backwards.

I am a big fan of water rides and Magic Mountain offers those in abundance. I love the log ride here as it has an extended trip out and around before a long drop at the end. The Jet Stream is a great mix of a mild coaster and a log ride as riders zip through turns and twists before taking a plunge. The roaring rapids ride and the falls will soak riders completely cooling off visitors on even the warmest days.

Of course there are the bumper cars, standard rides and a variety of shops, shows, and restaurants, make Magic Mountain a must visit attraction for any visit to Southern California and a thrill seekers delight.