F-1 Championship Edition

As many Americans are not as experienced with the F1 Open wheel racing as they are with NASCAR, at first glance, many may label Sony’s new F1 Championship Edition game for the PS 3 as a niche product.

To do so thought would be to miss out on one of the best racing games ever developed for any system as not only does the game boast some of the most amazing graphics, play, and sound of any racing game, it is also loads of fun.

Boasting a field of 22 cars, the racing will be intense, and thanks to the PS 3 Sixaxis control, drivers can get into the action thanks to wireless and motion sensitive controls.

One of my favorite features was the progressive damage as your on track mishaps add up over time will affect your performance. Weather and lighting are also a factor as players must adapt to changing conditions.

If the PS 3 controlled cars are not enough of a challenge, then simply go online and take on other players.

Start Yyour Eengines, as Sony has crafted a deeply immersive and fun game that will delight racing fans everywhere.