LOST Season 2

When your first season becomes one of the biggest breakout hits in television history with over 20 millions viewers a week, to say that all eyes would be upon your second season would be an understatement.

Thankfully, the second season of the hit series “LOST” has arrived in impressive style from Buena Vista Home Entertainment, which not only includes all 24 season tow episodes but numerous extras.

The show follows the fates of the survivors of a crashed airliner, who find themselves on a very strange island, where all manner of bizarre and deadly situations abound.

Combine that with the fact that every survivor has secrets they are hiding, viewers are treated week in and week out to one of the most gripping and dramatic television shows that keeps you guessing week after week.

After a solid opening episode about the mysterious hatch that dominated much of the late season one episodes, the show struggled a bit as a heavy emphasis was put on characters back histories rather than on the dangers and bizarre events of the island. Much of this can be attributed to the absence of series creator J.J. Abrams who was away working on Mission Impossible 3 during the early part of the season. However, his return to the show helped propel the final 12 episodes of the season back to the high standards viewers have expected from the show, with the final 4 hours filled with numerous jaw dropping moments, and an amazing cliff hanger.

The large ensemble cast headed by Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway, Evangaline Lilly, and Terry O’Quinn shine and propel this amazing and gripping show. The constant thrill of trying to solve the mysteries presented as well as the ever changing dynamic, where no character is safe, keeps “Lost” a must see, and a this set a must own for any collector or fan.