X-Men 3

With the success of the previous two X-Men films, it should come as no surprise that Summer 2006’s X-Men 3 was one of the biggest hits of the summer and showed that the franchise has plenty of life in it.

Now with the release of the DVD by Fox Home Entertainment, fans can get more of what they love as the set is packed with bonus materials and well as alternate endings to the film.

The film has an impressive cast headed by Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, and Halle Berry, and looks at what would happen should a cure to the mutant X gene be discovered which gives the mutants in the film the option to live a life without special powers as a normal person, or to embrace who they are even if society would likely fear and shun them.

Battle lines are drawn in an explosive finale, the forces of the X-Men must face the forces of the evil Brotherhood to save the day.

While the action is intense, it can be very slow to arrive and several favorite characters do not have as much screen time as one would expect. Another issue with the film is the fact that certain characters do not act like their comic counterparts. That being said, for diehard fans, the film packs plenty of punch and is a must own.