Microsoft Vista and Office 2007

Harnessing the latest in software technology, Microsoft has crafted the latest in the Windows operating system line, with the impressive Windows Vista. While it does take some hefty system requirements to fully take advantage of Vista, they payoffs are more than worth it.

At first it may seem daunting, as this is a radical leap forward, which means that for some users, you will have to relearn your desktop and navigation tools, as some of the familiar functions and tricks have either changed, moved to new locales, or been renamed.

All this is for a reason though as while having to learn new ways to access hard drives, folders, search files, and so on my be different than you have become comfortable, the speed and ease of Vista soon becomes apparent, and well worth the time it takes to learn your way around the new system.

The same holds true for the new Office 2007 edition, as at first, I was frustrated by the numerous layers of options on the toolbar, as this version is not like the previous versions of Office.

One of the new additions is the ability to insert charts and graphics with much greater ease as well as the very handy multimedia options which allow images and video content to be incorporated within your work.

Gamers will be happy to know that Vista comes with Direct X 10 which will power the next generation of games and allow from some truly spectacular visuals and abilities in future games. The pending Crysis is said to boast truly stunning visuals and sound that are made possible by the enhancements that are offered by Direct X 10 this ensuring that the PC will be the cutting edge locale for games for the immediate future and beyond.

The Ultimate Edition of Vista contains both a 32 and 64 bit version of the O.S.