has come to the PS 3 with Motorstorm. While I am not usually a fan of racing games, this one grabbed me from the start and never let go thanks in large part to its intense action and fun.

Players can select all manner of rigs from semis, bikes, and dune buggies as they race against either the computer or in my favorite mode, online over some of the harshest environments known.

The outdoor courses are amazing and you can take multiple paths through the course to reach the finish line which allows for some great strategy. For example, do you stay on the canyon floor and slog it out through the mud, or do you ascend to the top of the canyon and contend with tight turns, and narrow roads?

Of course the clever use of a nitro-boost can help overcome a deficit in your race standings but use to much at once, and you will flame out, literally.

The animations of the game are amazing as rag doll physics illustrate the dangers of losing it at high speeds, and the need to carefully plan for obstacles when making a jump.

Loaded with vehicle options and amazing online play, Motorstorm is a must own for any PS 3 owner.