Playstation 3

After much speculation, hype, anticipation, and delays, Sony has released its next generation gaming console the Playstation 3 (PS3) to the delight of the gamers everywhere.

The system is a very impressive piece of hardware that offers gamers the highest standards of gaming and versatility and is anchored by the inclusion of a Blu DVD player which not only offers High Definition playback for DVDs, but also allows programmers to pack more data on a single disc which will allow for more detailed and complex games in the future.

The system also features a very robust “Cell” processor as well as a graphics chip designed with NVIDIA which allows the system to complete over two trillion calculations per second. What this means for gamers is lightning fast gameplay with cutting edge HD Graphics.

The PS 3 is about much more than gaming as it is also a versatile media center where users can use the included HDMI port to transfer uncompressed, unconverted digital picture and sound high-definition TV and projectors with 128-bit pixel precision and 1080p resolution.

The system comes in both a 20 Gig and 60 GIG systems which not only allow users plenty of storage space; it also allows them to download content and upgrades to games as well as system upgrades, video, photos and much more.

The system also has slots to accept digital media from cameras and recorders, which allows users to easily transfer images and media to the system.

Of course while media, music, and high Definition gaming are all great points, the system will be first and foremost for gamers, and in this area, the PS 3 shines.

Gamers may note the lack of a rumble effect in the systems Sixaxis controller, but what they will note is that future games will have the ability to be controlled by movements of the gamers hands as well as buttons rather than the usual button and stick controls.

The system offers ports to accept PS 2 memory units as PS 1 and PS 2 gamers are compatible with the PS 3 via firmware upgrades. It should also be noted that the 60 GB system includes a built in wifi which allows the system to easily connect to wireless networks without plugging in.

While there are only a handful of games available at the products launch, Games such as NBA 07 and the fantastic shooter Resistance Fall of Man show what the system can do, and as more and more companies release titles that can truly take advantage of the systems abilities, the PS 3 should shine.

Much has been made of the $499-$599 price tag of the system, and how some pointed out that the price was very high for a gaming system. That being said, I did some comparisons that readers may find interesting, that shows what a value the 60 GB system is.

A core system for the X-Box 360 is 299 dollars which includes the system and 1 control.

A 20 GB HD for the system is 99.00 as the Core system does not have a Hard Drive or a way to save games.

A wifi adapter is 99.00 for the X-Box 360

A HD DVD player is 199.00 for the expansion unit, to allow the X-Box 360 to play HD movies in the HD DVD format.

Total Price for X-Box 360 with similar features as the 60 Gig PS 3 is $696.00

The 60 Gig PS 3 is $599 and offers all of the features included out of the box plus 40 Gigs of extra Hard Drive space over the 360 as well as greater performance.

Once again Sony has delivered an outstanding and versatile unit that like the PS 2 should emerge as the top console on the market and continue Sony’s lead in the field. With strong competition from the X-Box 360 and the Nintendo WII the key will be to continue to develop cutting edge games and features that will allow the firepower of the PS 3 to be released.

5 stars out of 5