World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade

What do you do when you have millions of subscribers and have one of the hottest games ever created when you need to go to the next level? If your Blizzard Entertainment, you release a loaded new expansion entitled “The Burning Crusade”

After downloading and installing several patches needed to play the game, we were up and running in the magical land of Azeroth and eager to take advantage of the new level 70 Cap that Veteran Gamers have been looking forward to.

Set in the remainder of the Orc’s homeland in and area known as Outlands, the game adds seven new zones for players to venture in as well as two new races, the Blood Eleves and the Draenei. One of the biggest new features is the addition of flying mounts for characters reaching level 70.

Not all of the new material are for advanced level players as the inclusion of two new starter zones for characters level 20 and under make Burning Crusade a campaign, that is well worth taking for players of all levels and abilities.

There are of course new updates to the honor and talent abilities as well as many, many new items that players now have access to.

Since the game is all about questing, it is nice to see that the hundreds of missions that were included do not require players to slog through hours of repetitive tedium in order to make the next level. The quests are fun and challenging, and as always, allow players to find creative ways to accomplish them rather than simply using a hack and slash approach.

All in all the changes are welcome, though some may complain about the reduced raid size, but once again, Warcraft Is the top dog in the MMOPGMMORPG universe, and The Burning Crusade is a welcome new addition.

4.5 stars out of 5.