wantedWesley Gibson (James Mc Avoy) is a man with issues. He toils away in his office cubicle taking countless amounts of grief from his boss and lamenting the fact that he has gone nowhere with his life. As if this was not bad enough, his best friend is having an affair with his girlfriend, and he has a standing order for anti anxiety medication to deal with his frequent flare ups.
One day while waiting in line for his prescription, Wesley encounters a very attractive lady, and before long, is in a world gone mad as a violent gunfight has erupted all around him. As he attempts to flee the scene, the mysterious woman comes to his aid and whisks him away in dramatic style only to thrust Wesley into a frantic chase through the city streets as they attempt to escape from their mysterious attacker.
Eventually Wesley learns that the woman is named Fox (Angelina Jolie), and that he has been recruited to join a secret society known as The Fraternity.
At first awash in disbelief, Wesley is told that the man who tried to kill him also killed his father. Wesley had thought that his father had abandoned him at childhood and despite initial reservations, joins the group.
Under the leadership of Sloan (Morgan Freeman), Wesley begins to train and learns that he is part of an elite assassin’s guild and has abilities that go beyond the powers of normal men. As the training progresses, Wesley changes from the docile offer drone to an efficient and deadly adversary who is capable of killing with a variety of weapons.
Wesley will soon have to use all of his training and abilities to the fullest extent as the action switches into overdrive leaving a path of death and destruction as this bloody tale of revenge unfolds.
In the new movie “Wanted” Director Timur Bekmambetov, the guiding power behind the highly successful Russian Vampire “Day Watch” trilogy, has crafted a sleek action film that pulls no punches. From edge of your seat action and stunts to graphic violence, the film is a ballet of bullets and blood that mixes in equal amounts of humor with solid FX in a winning formula.
The leads work well with one another, and the story and characters are a cut above the standard genre staples. While the film does drag in the final third, it recovers nicely to conclude with an action filled finale as well as a few unexpected twists.
Angelina Jolie does well with a very physical role as does McAvoy who shows that he is a talent to be watched. The film is based on a graphic novel and as such has a distinctive style that mixes the real world with the unknown to help illustrate the transformation of Wesley from doormat to deadly weapon. The FX is solid, though at times the bullet time may seem a bit repetitive after you see it a few times. That being said, “Wanted” is a solid action film that is not afraid to take chances and step outside the box.
4 stars out of 5