Sunbeam Core-Contact Freezer

sunbeamAs a reviewer of gaming, I naturally have to make sure to have quality hardware in my computer in order to experience the games in the best possible conditions. Since many of the new games feature cutting edge graphics and performance, and with the advent of Direct X 10 graphics, the need for more powerful graphic cards and processors arose in order to better showcase the programs of tomorrow.

As any gamer will tell you, the addition of new hardware requires proper measures to ensure that the processor, memory, and other cards are cooled as they do tend to run warm, and not providing a fan to cool the interior somewhat can lead to overheating which will damage the costly hardware in a system.

Thankfully Sunbeam has a solution for hardcore and casual gamers alike with their Sunbeam Core-Contact Freezer which is an easy to use and affordable resource that will keep your system cool. While I found it easy to install, some people may run into space issues with the unit as it is a bit tall and I have read about some users having issues with this. That being said, the results were solid and you cannot argue with the performance based on the price. The unit is a very good way to eliminate heat, and I was impressed how it directed the heat to the rear of the case instead of up and down.
Installation was very easy and the system came with everything I needed for my install and once up and running I was happy that the noise level created by the unit was low. The bent fin design also allows for greater cooling over the motherboard and makes this unit a true winner.