Eagle Eye

eagle The modern world is powered by intelligence and many wars have been averted or in some cases, started based on information that was obtained through clandestine means. It is said that nations that posses the ability to gather and control information have a superior tactical advantage and as such vest networks of people and technology are empowered to collect, preserve, and analyze sensitive information.

In the new film “Eagle Eye”, an ordinary man and woman become caught in a web of deception as they become unwilling participants in a game of high stakes.

Jerry Shaw (Shia LaBeouf) is a chronic under-achiever who has lived in the shadow of his successful twin brother for his entire life. When his brother is tragically killed, Jerry returns home to find his apartment filled with weapons grade materials, passports, and sensitive data. This combined with a large deposit recently made into his bank account has Jerry as a prime person of interest for the F.B.I. who arrive and arrest him seconds after Jerry receives a mysterious call telling him his has been activated and that the authorities are on the way to detain him.

Around the same time, a single mother named Rachel (Michelle Monaghan) is spending a night on the town with her girlfriends after placing her son on a train to Washington D.C. so he can perform with his school band.

Rachel also gets a mysterious calling telling her she has been activated and is warned that should she not follow instructions then the train carrying her son will be derailed. Another mysterious call soon has Jerry escaping from custody and eventually teamed with Rachel as they attempt to avoid the authorities under the lead of Agent Thomas Morgan (Billy Bob Thornton), and discover the true intentions of the mysterious caller who is following their every move, and leads them into one increasingly dangerous encounter after another.

As the danger increases, Jerry and Rachel must find out who is behind their situation and fight back when their every word and action are being monitored.

The first 30 minutes of the film are a very intense and exciting adventure that is one of the most grippingly original and fresh thrillers in a long time. Sadly the film is unable to maintain this promise and soon becomes little more than a movie of the week style thriller that becomes sadly lacking in surprises.

One of the biggest issues with the film is that it tips its hand early in the film and roughly 40 minutes in I knew who was behind the plot and what the ultimate goal of the plot is. Knowing this information the final hour and change of the film drags on with little suspense and causes the characters and plot to stagnate.

Had the reveal been saved for the final act, then perhaps the film could have lived up to the promise it showed early on but sadly “Eagle Eye” is yet another example of style over substance that comes up short.
2.5 stars out of 5