sdMixing elements of “The Sure Thing” with “Road Trip, and “American Pie”, the new comedy “Sex Drive” is one of the more outrageous comedies of this genre to come along in a while. When 18 year old virgin Ian (Josh Zuckerman), tires of his lack of success with the ladies, he is surprised when his online friend known as Ms. Tasty suggests he takes an 8hr drive to see her and promises to reward him with great sex.

The fact that Ian has been posing online as a buff football star with a classic muscle car is of little concern as thanks to a out of town trip by his family and older brother Rex (James Marsden), Ian decides to live life and borrow his brothers classic GTO and sets off on the drive from Chicago to Knoxville thanks to persuasion from his womanizing best friend Lance (Clark Duke).

As the two prepare to leave town, they are joined by Felicia (Amanda Crew), a lifelong friend of Ian and the object of his desire. Though platonic, Ian years to be with Felicia and thanks to quick thinking by Lance, the trip is billed as a visit to a sick relative with only Lance and Ian knowing the true reasons behind their trip.

Along the way one series of outrageous events after another arise ranging from a trailer family that has to be seen to be believed, to an outrageous Amish party as well as a carnival that has to be seen to be believed as the three friends learn lessons on life, love, and everything in between.

What at first setup as a formulaic comedy was enhanced by some very zany and outrageous humor and situations that were well spaced throughout the film. Far to many comedies peak early and then coast and thankfully “Sex Drive” is able to maintain the laughs largely throughout it’s running time. Marsden and Seth Green do very well in their supporting roles and always take the laughs to a new level.

The cast works well with one another and I found myself laughing throughout no matter how outrageous the situations.

If you like teen comedies and outrageous humor, then “Sex Drive” is one not to miss.