2008 Holiday Gift Guide.

With the holidays coming up and especially with our troubled economy, I wanted to
pass along my suggestions to make the gamers on your shopping list happy.
Titles will be added as we get closer to the holidays as this is a work in progress.

Spore by EA.
This is a very fun and challenging game that lets you control a life form and evolve
it from a simple sea based creature to a land based creature who in time builds cities and
explores space. Constantly changing and great for gamers of all ages.
X-Box 360 and PC

Dead Space
A fantastic action thriller that is by far the scariest game I have ever played.
Sent to investigate a damaged ship. It soon becomes clear something has gone very wrong as
you and your crew are under attack by legions of mutated creatures.
Great story and action, plenty of thrills and a movie quality story make this a must own.

PC, PS3, X-Box 360

Far Cry 2

The next step in action shooters. Amazing graphics and action, not to be missed as players
battle through deadly enemies in Africa. Online and Solo play included.
PC, PS3, X-Box 360

Rock Band 2
Form your own band as you and your friends rock to some of the biggest hits in pop and rock.
Sing, Play Drums, Bass, and Guitar online or offline and become a legend.
PS3, X-Box 360, Wii,

Guitar Hero World Tour
Drums and Singing come to Guitar Hero as players compete online and offline to
become a Rock Legend. Features tons of hits from Van Halen to Steve Miller.
PS 3, X Box 360

Lego Batman
Great Game for all ages. Play as Batman and Robin or the hordes of bad guys
as you battle to save or destory Gotham City.
PS 3, X-Box 360, PC, PS 2, Nintendo DS

World of Warcraft: The Wrath of the Lich King

The new expansion to the massively popular MMOPG World of Warcraft.
More lands, creatures, adventures, items, weapons, spells, and more as
well as the new Hero Class. This is a must for Warcraft fans.

Call of Duty: World at War
Following the huge success of the series, the latest game looks at battles
of WWII from The Pacific Rim to Russian front. Great action, intense story,
as well as intense multiplay make this one of the biggest games
of the year.
PC, PS3 , X-Box 360,

Command and Conquer Red Alert 3
The latest in the great Command and Conquer series. Play as one of three sides each
with their own unique units, objectives, and abilities. Intense RTS action and
full motion video cut scenes. Multiplay and Solo Play.
PC, X-Box 360

Resistance 3
Intense action shooter continues the fight from the epic first titles. Intense action, story,
graphics, and fun. Online and Solo play make this a must own for PS 3 owners.
PS 3