ezGear Accesories for Wii, iPhone, and iPod

By Genevieve Mc Bride

So swinging with just your Wiimote to hit that tennis ball just doesn’t feel right? Never fear, ezGear is here. With their Wii Sports Pack, you’re geared up for baseball, tennis and golf. Load your Wiimote into these handles, which have a spring loaded feature to insert or remove your Wiimote easily, and playing Wii Sports get just a bit more realistic. Well, y’know. As realistic as virtual playing gets. The weight balanced bat gives you a more realistic swing. The same construction for the weighted racket gives you the feeling of playing real tennis where serving and volleying is just like on court. I used to play the golf game with one hand because holding the Wiimote like a golf club felt silly. With the golf club attachment, just like with the baseball bat, you have room for both hands when you swing. IR windows allows you to use the Wiimote IR wihile in the bat or tennis racket

Flailing around with the Wiimote and nunchuck doesn’t exactly put you in the boxing ring? ezGear has an answer for that problem as well. Sparring gloves to use with Wii Sports Boxing, give you a secure hold of the Wiimote and nunchuck. Aiming a plain Wiimote at the bad guys doesn’t quite feel authentic? ezShot Gun is designed specifically for use with the Nintendo Wii. Just fit the Wiimote and nunchuk into place, and you’re ready to play! With a built in laser, you’ll know you’re right on target every time you shoot. Bringing a more realistic feel to the shooting games for Wii, ezShot is sure to enhance your aim and improve your game.

I still haven’t gotten up the nerve to jump on a Dance Dance Revolution video game in public, but it can’t be that hard, can it? ezGear gives shy, frustrated dancers like me a chance find out with EZDAnce Dance pad for Dance Dance Revolution. With 8 position controls, a high grip rubber base and a durable textured, non-slip surface, the EzDance Dance pad works with Wii & GameCube. Add one ezDance Dance Pad to your game to face off one-on-one or get three pads to play in four-player mode and have the hottest dance party you have ever imagined.

ezGear, according to their website www.ezgear.com, offers products for most MP3 players and video gaming devices. Quality accessories at affordable prices, ezGear offers such innovations like the Original earPod, that keeps you from getting tangled up in a mess of cords and gives you someplace to store those ear buds. I’m guilty of throwing my earbuds into my purse and then retrieving them by tugging on the cord until the earbuds pull free from wherever they’ve landed at the bottom of my bag. The earPod saves your earbuds from such abuse.

ezGear also sells the ezSkin for iPod and iPhone 3G. Made of ultra-durable high-grade silicone with anti-dust coating, the skin for the iPod provides access to all ports and buttons with convenient openings. The silicone provides complete protection of all surfaces, and if you have to rest it on your dashboard or any slippery surface, it stays put. The ezSkin for the iPhone 3G includes belt clip and screen protector, while the ezSkin for the iPod includes neck strap as well.

Have a car built before the advent of MP3 players, but after the CD player became the standard built in? My trusty Honda still has a tape deck, so a simple tape adaptor has worked fine for me. But on trips in my husband’s newer Hyundai, I’m saved from listening to his stadium rock CD collection with eZGear’s ezTrip FM Transmitter. The ezTrip uses the power from your car to provide a clear strong signal to your radio. The LCD display and control buttons give you instant access to all frequencies from 87.7 to 107.9. Plug in your MP3 player and it’s goodbye radio commercials! Please note, the transmitter can ONLY be used in vehicles with a 12V electrical system.

One of ezGear’s more innovative and practical inventions is the powerBullet. No need to buy two chargers, the powerBullet is wall charger and a car charger with dual USB ports to charge 2 devices at once. With a handy LED power indicator, the charger converts from car to wall charger with fold out plug. It’s iPod and iPhone 3G ready so you can charge two iPhones, two iPods, an iPod and iPhone or any two USB charging device at the same time.