Patriot PC2-8500 Memory

patriotRecently I installed and tested the 2X 1GB kit of Patriot Memory. The PC2-8500 1066 MHZ DDR2 kit is EPP (Enhanced Performance Profiles), ready which means that it has been designed by Nvidia to allow certain motherboards to have instructions written to the memory that allows it for better speed optimization at bootup and other customizations.

The memory was very easy to install and locked into place very easily on my motherboard. I have installed a few memory chips over the years and I must say that the chips designed with a protective cover allowed for easy grasping and install.

Once installed, my system easily detected the new memory and I was up and playing in under 5 minutes from the time I unplugged the system and removed the old memory.

Over the next couple of weeks I tested the chips performance on a number of applications ranging from standard internet browsing and word processing on my Windows Vitsa Ultimate equipped system. I found a very good load time to applications such as Office 2007 and a good response time for features such as Outlook, Mail, as well as sites such as You Tube and Amazon.

I tried to tax the system by installing a new game and running Mail and Office while printing a document and playing a video, yet the system was able to handle the tasks without missing a beat.
The next task was to test the memory on various games and I found that it ran games such as Call of Duty 4, Spore, and Crysis Warhead without any trouble and actually improved my framerate over my previous 2 Gig Ram Combination.

Since gaming is built in progress and technology can change rapidly, I next put the memory through a series of tests with the latest games on the market. I ran intense gaming sessions with Fallout 3, Red Alert 3, Far Cry 2, and The Call of Duty: World at War beta and was rewarded with zero problems and crystal clear graphics and amazingly smooth gameplay. The load times of the games were also faster than they were when tested on a similar system with equal ram from another manufacturer.

The aluminum protective coating on the RAM is ideal for dispersing heat and with the lifetime warranty provided by Patriot, the memory is a very good investment for your system. It is rare to find a company that not only provides a top notch product but is willing to stand by it for life, and as such, Patriot Memory is a perfect option for gamers and non gamers looking for extreme performance without busting the bank.