Midnight Club LA

mcI am not normally one for driving and racing simulators as they have never held my attention long term. There are exceptions of course such as the Grand Theft Auto series, and Mario Kart but I refer to the Nascar and street racing style games that are so popular and prolific.
Upon my first play of Rockstar Games new Midnight Club Los Angeles, I knew that this was not going to be your typical racing game. First off the 100 + song soundtrack as well as the great customization tools really let me customize the game to my preferences.

After loading out the interior and exterior of my car (or motorcycle) I was off to explore the streets of L.A. While I am not a native of California, I do get down to the area ever year and a half or so, and it was nice to see so many notable locales as I drove around.

Players take on the role of a racer from the East Coast and soon find themselves locked into some heated competition. The A.I. is brutally difficult at times and it is going to take patience for most players to develop enough skill to complete the challenges that face them and not all of them are in the form of other racers as the police are also a constant threat to your career.

The game does have a fantastic multiplay element as players who struggle against the games A.I. may enjoy polishing their skills against flesh and blood opponents who will actually make a mistake from time to time. My suggestion is to get to know the area well, as there is nothing wrong with shaving seconds off a race with a well timed shortcut.

The game also features some in game ads from real companies which not only ads a touch of realism to the games but shows the future of gaming. The use of a cell phone company in game was clever as your player uses the company’s products to stay in touch during the game.

With the amazing graphics and sound in the game as well as the amazing level of customization, I can say that Rockstar San Diego have crafted a winner that will draw in even casual racer fans with simply the best urban racing game ever crafted.

4.5 stars out of 5.