November DVD Suggestions.

November is here and before we start to turn our focus to parties, turkey, shopping, and family, I wanted to look at some of the titles that have arrived on DVD that are ideal not only as gift ideas, but as ways to escape the stress of the holiday madness.

South Park: The Cult of Cartman-Revelations. The 4th grader with severe issues is chronicled here in a 12 Episode set that features the best episodes of Cartman’s mayhem. Episodes are cleverly introduced by Eric who has never found a topic or issue he was not about to comment or act upon.
Everything from steroids, red haired children, and theme parks are all given the Eric Cartman treatment and you will be left laughing all the way.

The set is ideal for fans and for those who do not have all of the season box sets. The set contains three episodes that have not appeared on DVD yet and is presented with a crisp picture and sound that is in my opinion, sharper than the on air versions of the show.
Paramount DVD

“Meet Dave” Eddie Murphy is back in a comedy that is ideal for the family. When their planet is threatened, Murphy must lead a crew of his people to Earth in a spaceship designed to look and act like a human. The alien race is only 1 inch high, so the unusual ship is needed in order for them to interact with and travel New York City without drawing any extra attention.
Gina Morrison (Elizabeth Banks), is the mother of a young boy who befriends Dave and unknowingly posses the very object that Dave and his crew seek.

Comedy ensues as the alien visitors become influenced by our culture and customs and soon find themselves going native much to the chagrin of the second in command (Ed Helms).
There is a lot of silly humor in the film that will work well for younger viewers, but fans of Murphy’s earlier films are likely to be disappointed by his return to more family friendly fare.
Picture Quality was sharp and clear as was the sound aside for a few moments with the audio switched between stereo and mono.

FOX Home Entertainment.

“Space Chimps”When then grandson of the very first chimp is space is recruited for a mission, comedy ensues when he realizes that he is the wrong guy in the wrong place, and must find his inner strength to save the mission.
Featuring the voice talent of Stanley Tucci, Andy Samberg, and Jeff Daniels, this is an ideal film for the younger viewers but will come up lacking under the scrutiny of older viewers.
Sharp Picture and sound quality make this safe if unspectacular film for kids.
FOX Home Entertainment.

“Kitt Kittredge” An American Girl”Abigail Breslin stars as the title character in this Depression era film about a family forced to take in boarders while the father is away looking for work. When the family lockbox with all of their money is stolen, Kitt must get to the bottom of the mystery and save the day.
This is a very charming film with a great sense of loyalty, family, and friendship to it. Picture and Sound Quality are first rate and feature Widescreen and Fullscreen formats on the same disc.

New Line Cinema

After The kids are in bed, you will want to enjoy the classic fifth season of News Radio which contains all 22 hysterical episodes about the goings on at WNYX radio. Jon Lovitz joins the cast as Max Louis following the untimely passing of Phil Hartman.

The show also features Andy Dick, Joe Rogan, and Maura Tierney and features guests such as Adam West, Patrick Warburton, and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen.
Bonus Features included Deleted Scenes and Gag Reels which makes the final season of the series a winning set you will want to enjoy.
Sony Home Entertainment.