Mirrors Edge

meIn a Totalitarian society of the near future a girl named Faith is about to have her world torn asunder. Faith is a runner, and she makes her living darting across the rooftops of a sterile city to deliver information.

For Faith, her world is about to be turned inside out and upside down when her twin sister is accused of a murder she did not commit.

Armed with a vital clue located at the scene of the crime, Faith must seek to clear her sister’s name, but this will not be easy as there are legions of troops located throughout the city and she must race at a nonstop pace over rooftops, navigate an amazing series of obstacles to stay alive and clear her sister’s name.

The innovative game features some amazing visuals that allow players to make some incredibly nimble and acrobatic moves raging from roof jumping, slides, fence jumping and ledge climbing to name but a few.

The game does offer combat as faith is armed with a gun and also has the ability to engage and disarm any opponents that she faces but in an innovate twist; players are rewarded for avoiding combat. Two of the games achievement awards are earned by not killing or being shot.

Naturally this puts the emphasis on speed, stealthy, and dexterity so players keen to go toe to toe with the enemies will be sadly disappointed as the games combat system is not the focal point of the game and as such may become frustrating for players used to games with a very high body count.
Not all of the missions take place on rooftops, as there are some truly innovative maps such as a water tank and a subway that tasks players to avoid oncoming trains.

The visual style of the game is amazing as the designers have truly crafted an innovative and stunning virtual city that features aircraft in the skies as well as a functioning city.

The first person prospective of the game allows players to see Faith’s hands and legs as she runs and jumps and the constant sound of her breathing is a reminder of just how much energy she is exerting.
In the end the game is a mixed bag that will largely please or disappoint gamers based on their expectations. I found the graphics and uniqueness of the game overrode any shortcoming such as the combat system and thin plot of the game.

Others may find the game as simply eye candy that does not deliver the action and compelling story that they expected.

I prefer to see Mirrors Edge as an innovative and refreshing new direction in gaming that despite flaws is a technological marvel that has to be played.

3.5 stars out of 5