Need For Speed:Undercover

The classic Need for Speed series from EA shifts into high gear with the release of the latest chapter, Need for Speed Undercover.

Players are given a plethora of gaming options ranging from but not limited to the story mode such as beat the clock, race laps, stay ahead of other racers, and cause as much damage as they can.

Gamers can even race for pink slips and take possession of new cars, truly to the victor go the spoils. Players can also take their cars to local shops in order to tweak out the performance or change the paint. Players need to note this is done with real money by using your Playstation or X Box account.
The story casts players as a driver who is trying to work his way into an undercover street gang. In order to do this, gamers must take on and complete a series of assigned missions in order to earn enough credibility which will in turn allow you to bring down the gang from within.

Since racing is the name of the game and cars are the stars, EA has assembled an impressive collection of over 55 cars in the game including the stunning Mitsubishi Evolution which really shines when tearing up the streets.

The games cut scenes are a bit of a mixed bag as they can become cheesy but do help move the story forward. While the games graphics are good, there can be some issues with the lighting effects that on more than one occasion in game I found an area to dark to make out needed details. Maggie Q is a nice addition to the game but she is simply not given enough to do.

The game does not offer realistic physics or driving modes, and players for example will find themselves not able to outrun the police many times, and will have to rely on clever maneuvering and ramming to succeed.

Another issue I had a few times while playing was the occasional pause while playing. While it was not a game breaker, I did find it annoying when it did arise.

In the end, Need for Speed Undercover is a mixed bag as racing fans are likely to want more from the story and racing experience than the game offers but many gamers will be happy that the series is moving in the right direction again.

3 stars out of 5