New From Walt Disney Home Entertainment

A series of films designed to delight viewers of all ages awaits with the latest releases from Walt Disney Home Entertainment.

Leading the pack is the immensely popular “High School Musical 3” which follows Zac Ephron, Ashley Tisdale, and Vanessa Hudgens as they embark on the senior year filled with love, dancing, and music. The story is the standard coming of age tale as the kids realize that college will take them along different paths.

Loaded with music and dancing, as well as tons of bonus features, this is a film that will keep fans of the series happy.

Next up is “Space Buddies” which is a delight for younger viewers. The film follows a group of puppies as they embark on a space mission and is filled with all manner of cute and zany situations. Along the way there are plenty of good messages contained about loyalty, teamwork, and more without being preachy. While it may be to light for more mature viewers, the film is ideal for families looking for quality and safe entertainment for the younger members of the family.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua features the voices of George Lopez, Drew Barrymore, and many more in a star studded romp that is classic Disney.

When a spoiled pup named Chloe (Barrymore), becomes lost while on vacation in Mexico, she must rely on a menagerie of animals to get home. Along the way she runs afoul of a ransom plot and must use her new friends to get home and stay ahead of the bad guys.
Loaded with great humor and energy, this is one not to miss.