WatchMen The Complete Motion Comic

In anticipation of the pending release of “Watchmen”, Warner Brothers Home Entertainment has released “Watchmen, The Complete Motion Comic”. The twelve Episode animated feature brings the graphic novel to life page by page.

The story tells of the murder of the hero known as The Comedian and the arrange of heroes whose lives were affected by and altered by the events leading up to and following his death.
In an intense Film Noir style, the gritty and intense story delves into an alternate 1985 where Nixon is President, the U.S. won Vietnam thanks to Dr. Manhattan, and the world is poised on the verge of nuclear disaster.

In a race against time, the remaining heroes must get to the bottom of whom is behind the death of the Comedian and save the world.

I had never had a chance to read the graphic novel and I was captivated by this DVD as it not only told a very entertaining and gripping story, but it provided me with the source material I need to fully appreciate the film when I review it next week.

The film also contains Movie Money for up to $7.50 off a ticket to “Watchmen” as well as previews of upcoming films.