X-Men Origins: Wolverine Game Review

Usually games based upon super hero movies succeed about as much as movies based upon video games. Thankfully the talented people at Raven Software and Acvtivision have crafted what is probably the best super hero themed game ever with X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

The game is based on the film of the same name, but expands upon the title character in much greater detail than the film did. Players take control of Wolverine, and start out in the jungle on a series of missions after your helicopter is shot down. The game cleverly blends in tutorials during the opening mission as skills such as lunging, leaps, feral senses, climbing, and manipulating objects are all part of the action. As the game unfolds players learn more about the origin of Wolverine as well as some of the other characters in his world throughout various locales.

One series of missions has you attempting to escape from General Stryker’s secret layer and the numerous enemies and obstacles that about. The game is not all about hack and slash, as you have to use your brain to decipher some of the puzzles in the game such as powering up two different areas with only one power source. There are some great boss battles and the game and the voice acting by Hugh Jackman and the cast is solid. The game has solid graphics and sound and I was really drawn into it. I do want to note the M rating of the game as it is well deserved.

This is not the kid friendly wolverine as not only does the blood flow freely, but limbs are severed, heads decapitated, and more as this is a pull no punches game. Players have a vast array of moves at their disposal and can unleash a fury of combination attacks and times leaps. Players also have the ability to upgrade their skills based on skill points they earn, so if you want stronger claws as opposed to more health you can do it.

The game also allows you to select a skill setting suited to a player’s ability level and style of play. The controls are easy to master and the solid graphics of the game really allow players to be immersed in the fun. I enjoyed the challenge the game presented not to hard, not to easy, but a solid mix in between.

The pacing of the game is solid as the game moves at a steady and natural clip without ever being rushed. It moves at a frantic pace when it needs to.

The game does not offer a multiplay or co-op mode which is the only bad thing about it, but for straight up action and fun this is the leader on the comic book pack.4.5 stars out of 5

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