Actor Chris Showerman talks about “The Land that Time Forgot”

Recently I got the chance to speak with actor Chris Showerman about his new film “The Land that Time Forgot”. I want to thank Chris for taking the time to talk about the film and his future and past work.

GVK: How did you become involved with The Land That Time Forgot?

I worked with C. Thomas Howell in a movie called Big Game. I loved working with him and have always looked for an opportunity to work with him again. He beat me to the punch when he called and asked me to climb aboard The Land that Time Forgot. I was touched by the gesture.

GVK: What can you tell us about Stack?

My character, Stack, is the first mate on the boat that gets lost at sea and eventually drifts to the land that time forgot. He has had a lot of experience island hopping and surviving out there so he’s the guy you hope will save the day.

GVK: What sort of research did you do for the film?

I watched Jurassic Park 1 through 3 in succession with no breaks then played the video game. Then I would dart through the local shopping malls yelling “Tyrannosaurus a commin, – run!” I also limited my carb intake ever so slightly.

GVK: Where was the movie filmed and what challenges did the locale present if any?

We shot Land that Time Forgot in and around Los Angeles at many of the parks and preserves there. It was a real joy to get to see some of the pristine land still open to the public in the middle of a sprawling megalopolis like LA. However, when you shoot on state and national land, there are very strict rules of protocol there. There was always a ranger and often a fire marshal on set with us.

GVK: What can you tell the readers about the action sequences in the film?

Some explosions, blood, running, screaming, yelling, and highfalls. There are some very exciting sequences in the picture – but I don’t want to give any secrets away, so you’ll just have to see for yourself!

GVK: How was it working with so many FX in the film and what challenges did it present?

I’ve had many opportunities to work with CGI adversaries, but never prehistoric ones before. When working with unseen elements on set, you have to imagine a very complete picture in your mind’s eye of what you will ultimately be dealing with in the finished film so your reactions are of appropriate scale and tenor. We always had a visual effects supervisor on set with us too who would coach us as to what the computer generated elements would be like.

GVK: What were some of the great moments from filming and would you change anything if you could?

It was great to work with Tommy again, this time as my director as well as an actor. I really enjoyed working with Timothy Bottoms and the rest of the cast and crew as well. One of my favourite moments in this film was getting to do a (medium) high fall in Malibu Canyon.

GVK: What drew you to acting and what was your big break?

I love being immersed in a character. I love discovering what makes different personalities tick. I think my study in acting has helped me to become much more understanding and empathetic of others.

I have been so lucky to meet so many wonderful people in this business that it would be hard to say I have had only one big break. However, my biggest job so far was playing the title role in the sequel to George of the Jungle. Not only was it a wonderful work experience, but getting to know and work with that amazing team of people that Jordan Kerner put together was a high point in my personal life as well.

GVK: What was working with C Thomas Howell Like?

Everyone who works with Tommy loves him. Tommy is fun and funny and very witty. As a director, he’s professional and efficient, but still knows how to talk to actors to get what he what he wants on screen. Tommy is like a brother to me – the kind of brother that you usually get in trouble with. I actually have a small role in Tommy’s next film Commander and Chief, so this officially marks my third movie with him. Hopefully it’s not the last.

GVK: What future projects do you have coming up that the readers can look forward to?

We’re still waiting for the US release of Big Game – a revenge thriller in which I play a redneck killer along side the Howell. Also, there is a comedy called Parfection coming out soon where I got teamed up with the hilarious Dean Cameron to play a demented plastic surgeon/golf pro.

I’m also in the new drama Complacent, which has tested fantastically in the states. It’s a heavy-going piece by a terrific filmmaker by the name of Steven Monroe. It marks the big-screen return of former ‘Goonie’ Kerri Green – who is magnificent in the film.

I also run a production company in Burbank with an Australian producer by the name of Clint Morris (Of

We’ve got several features in either pre-production or development including Condition Dead 3D, which Patrick Lussier is directing; First Howl, a satirical werewolf film starring Kristina Anapau and Eric Stoltz; a thriller called Rampage; and a couple of other things. Today I’m recording music for a new film of ours called Radio America, which we’ll officially announce soon.

There’s a couple of other projects on the boil too – including a western with the legendary Ernest Borgnine, and an action film called The Throwaways with Luke Goss.

GVK: as a follow up, which performers are your favorites and if you could select anyone to be your co-star whom would it be and why?

I love the great performers that have honed their craft to high art through years in the business. I have so many favorites, but a few that come to mind immediately are Robert Duvall, Anthony Hopkins, and Meryl Streep. I always learn from all my fellow actors on set and especially love to work with people who can draw from a wealth of experience like that.
I’ve already worked with some of my favourites though – including Dee Wallace (on Between the Sand and the Sky), Tony Todd (A Night at the Silent Movie Theatre), John Cleese (on George of the Jungle 2), and now, Timothy Bottoms.


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