By Dr. Christine Koesterman

Hunger is very well written and acted, and deals with the Irish Republicans and their imprisonment and treatment by the British during the disturbances. The treatment of the so-called “terrorists” was appalling, brutal and shocking. Sometimes the movie was difficult to watch, the raw brutality, beatings, torture and living conditions were beyond my comprehension. Political views aside it should be viewed for its historical aspect , and regardless of one’s beliefs, it is touching and very thought-provoking.

The movie deals with the imprisonment of Michael Collins and his self-inflicted hunger strike to bring world attention to the plight of the Irish Republicans and their cause. Watching a man starve himself to death, the gradual decay of his young body graphically shown was heartbreaking and gut wrenching. I found myself praying for his death to release him from his appallingly prolonged agonies.

I challenge anyone to watch this film without shedding a tear. A great movie that deals with a difficult and still very volatile subject.