Revolutionary Road

By Dr. Christine Koesterman

I had anticipated enjoying the reunion of Kate Winslet and Leo De Caprio as the stars of this movie. Sadly, I was disappointed. Not, let me hasten to add, by either of the stars, who each gave their usual outstanding effort, but rather by the bleak and depressing script.

If you are expecting a love story, you will have to search long and hard. There is a thread of love running though the storyline, but it is rather dark and very cheerless. I found myself longing for this depressing drama to end, and when the credits started to roll I was so relieved that my ordeal was over. Seldom have I ever watched a more hopeless and truly discouraging film. In retrospect, I find that I actually regret having watched it. It left me feeling quite low in spirits.

The movie deals with the life of a couple once in love, now struggling to hold on to the remnants of a relationship, hold up the facade of happiness for friends and children, shattered dreams and death. My advice is don’t bother. If you want to feel this bad, watch the evening news for free.

The picture and sound quality are fantastic and the DVD does have plenty of bonus features.