Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Presentation Video From E3 2011

This is video from the E3 Event for the game I shot yesterday after my appointment with the development team for the game. I will have a writeup soon but I was very impressed. As a bonus we have 5 codes for the PC version of the Black Ops Escalation map packs up for grabs. Just shoot me a message by using the contact tab on the main page or posting a message here in the comments.

During the 2011 E3 conference, I was able to have a meeting with the creative team behind the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 game. The game is a joint effort between Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer games and will be released on November 8th by Activision.

The series has set sales records and has over 7 million players who play the game online on a regular basis.
Needless to say the expectations are very high for the latest game in the series. Upon being seated and given a brief introduction of the game we were treated to gameplay of actual missions from the game.

The first mission involved a group of operatives pursuing anddisabling a Russian submarine while operating underwater vehicles.

Upon disabling the sub and forcing it to surface, the team boards the sub in an attempt to gain control of the missle room. I noted the strong graphics which had even more fluid motion and detail than the previous games in the series yet retained the classic look and action of the series.

After a series of battles in the sub, the team was able to breach a secured door and dispatch the control room crew in slow motion.

Upon launching the missles, the action shifted to a fast action raft race amongst warships while the missles located and destroyed their targets. The backdrop of New York was stunning as was the carnage and frantic pace as the team attempted to reach the saftey of the evacuation helicopter.

The second mission involved a group of operatives in London who were tracking a truck . The scenario involved moving amongst rain soaked backstreets and loading docks and when the action came it was frantic and furious. I noted that the player was able to drop a load of heavy concrete tubes upon enemies by disrupting the stack which in turn allowed the team a new path of advancement.

The firefights were just the tease for the main mission which involved a fast paced chase of a subway train loaded with badguys by the heroes in a truck.

Dodging fire while avoiding oncoming trains and civilians as well as the constant threat of the enemy was a highlight that got the adrenaline running and proved to be worthy of any major movie blockbuster.
The finale of the chase was epic and set the stage well for the next mission.

From the promise of new forms of multiplayer and a mission based campaign that will be the hardest edged of the series. Modern Warfare 3 shows that the series is alive and well and has never looked better.

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