RAGE E3 Hands On and Overview

I opened my 2011 E3 experience with a stop at the Zenimax/Bethesda booth. Following an impressive video presentation of Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (which we will discuss in a future article), I made my way over to get some hands on time with RAGE, the latest from the creative talents who changed gaming with Doom and Quake.

RAGE is a post apocalypse action game that combines 3D shooters and vehicle racing and combat. Using a new engine named Id Tech 5, the game runs smoothly on PCs and Consoles and offers cutting edge graphics and full out action.

When I did an interview for the game a year ago, the multiplayer portion of the game was still up in the air as the debate of offering traditional 3D shooter action and how to bring vehicles in the mix presented a unique set of challneges.
In the end it was decided to have vehicle racing and combat as the online portion of the game and allow the mix for the single player story mode.

I took my loaded buggy on a three lap race of the wastelands and was told that my weapons could be used to take out objects and that I could use nito boosts as well. Racing was a thrill due to the high framerate of the game and I look forward to swapping shots with fellow players upon release.
I was told that the game will allow players to have vehicles of different chasis types as some may opt for a heavier vehicles with a different load out.

While the racing was fun, I loved the first person action as I battled a team of mutants who thanks to the new A.I. were quite crafty. Aside from taking cover, they would use ruses like trying to flank and hide as well as set fellow mutants out as a decoy to draw me in.

Using an assault rifle and later a shotgun, I was able to mix it up fairly well and enjoyed giving those who got to close the butt of my rifle.

The game allowed me to use items like health packs from my inventory and use some amazing secondary weapons such as a large throwing knife that was part machette and part projectile weapon. I took much delight in blasting an enemy from cover and tossing my blade across to their head and watching it nicely implant itself into them.

I had so much fun with the blade, I enjoyed dropping a room full of bad guys with it and delighted as they fell.
As much fun as this was, my remote bomb was even more fun as remotely drove it into a seculded vent to access and explosives pile that when detonmated allowed me a new area to access.

Aside from the amazing graphics and action, RAGE has a story and allows players branching options. Id Software has always made great gaming engines but did not stray from the traditional story of a lone warrior running and gunning through waves of enemies.

RAGE offers a large cast of characters that players must interact with and aside from offering plenty of eye candy and action, offers players a new wrinkle on first person shooters.
I was told the game looks to ship in October and I for one cannot wait.

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RAGE Audio Interview