We Have Seen The Future of Handheld Gaming: Our Playstation Vita Review

The arrival of the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) marks a new time in the evolution of handheld video games. While the new device looks very similar to its predecessor, the PSP, the PS Vita is an entirely innovative system unlike anything else on the market. Sporting two analog sticks, ideal for fighting and shooting games on the go, and large front and back touch screens, the Vita offers game play that is interactive on two levels, literally.

The PS Vita has considerable social gaming functions that allow players to join into certain games based on relative proximity to other players, as well the ability to play with your friend’s around the world. The PS Vita even keeps a rolling leader board with freshly updating statistics that will be shared automatically with the network.

As if the advanced technology was not enough to entice gamers, along with the release of the PS Vita will be twenty-five available titles. For those who want even more titles, another seventy are in development. This gives the device the potential to maintain fresh momentum beyond initial release into the foreseeable future.

The system is so gripping that it takes drill down analysis to see the possible faults of the PS Vita. The system comes with both a directional pad and the analog sticks, however both of the titles I examined did not have the option of switching between the two control systems. This means that players will be forced, at least on occasion, to use the developers chosen navigation format. Additionally, while the extensive leader board functionality is exciting, will all players want continuous updates of all super gamer friend achievements? Unlike the XBox 360 where this information can be ignored, the PS Vita seems to force this social element into constant view.

For those who are seeking additional digital connection there is no built in functionality for sending scores directly to the big established social networks (such as Twitter and Facebook). For better or worse PS Vita bragging rights may be limited to other PS Vita users.
Still these are knit-picky complaints, the PS Vita is entirely promising and having first hand experience with the system proves that the evolution from the PSP to the PS Vita is significantly better than imagined. Now if you will excuse me I have something to pre-order.