Hyperkin AK Striker Control Review

As anyone who’s ever attempt to play a shooter using a motion control device can attest to a steady hand is a key element to a successful outcome. Unfortunately an involuntary twitch at the wrong time can often spell disaster for gamers who’ve invested a lot of time and energy into a game. Thankfully for owners of the PlayStation 3, Hyperkin has come up with an effective, stylish, and practical solution for those wishing to use their PlayStation Move controller’s.
The Hyperkin AK Striker is a sturdy gun controller that allows gamers to equip their Move wanted and directional control into the rifle designed unit for increased performance and accuracy.

Modeled after the AK-47 assault rifle, the sturdy unit features an adjustable stock as well as a collapsible control cradle. There are three modes of fire, single shot, burst, and automatic, which can be selected by easily accessible thumb switch. The unit also comes with four PlayStation control buttons discretely placed on the back body of the unit which makes them easily accessible.

The wand controller that sturdily and securely into the unit although it did take me a second to get accustomed to the release points on the protective cover as well as the art of threading the wand wrist strap through the opening in the controller.

After running through two of the Resident Evil Chronicle rail shooters, I put the controller through its paces on Goldeneye Reloaded.

While it did take me a bit of adjustment to get used to actually having to control the movement of the character in game with the directional control the calibration of the unit was smooth and offered a degree of accuracy unparalleled. When it comes to shooting games I often prefer to play on the PC over console as I find the mouse and keyboard a more natural method of control which allows me a much faster response time. Far too often with a standard console game pad I find myself having to over correct or fire multiple shots rather than quickly and accurately dispatch opponents. With the AK Striker I was easily able to lock on to the targets and dispatch them with a quick burst. My reaction time and accuracy were significantly increased over that of using the dual shock controller alone. I have used the PlayStation sharpshooter control before, and at first it was a slight adjustment getting used to the reload button being at the bottom of the handle rather than below the ammunition clip. This was a very quick adjustment and the sturdy design of the Striker makes it a very enjoyable unit came with.
I did have a bit of discomfort during my early sessions as getting used to the texture of the trigger did cause some slight irritation from repeated pressings. This however was the only thing about the unit that I had any issues with and they were extremely minor.
The unit was designed for the upcoming DUST 514 and Bioshock Infinite which is ideal for normally do these look to be top games, but console gamers looking for precision control an edge in online play certainly now have a new ally in the AK Striker