Madison Moellers Talks About Showtime’s Shameless and Her Career

We recently spoke with Madison Moellers who appears on the new Showtime show Shameless. We talk about her career and what is to come from this rising talent.

What can you tell us about your character and what attracted you to the part?

Molly is a very crazy, crazy girl but he doesn’t come off that way first. One word I can use to describe is a “cat. I’ll tell you why. Because when you first meet a cat, they’re extremely shy and distant, but then once they get to know you, they are all out. What attracted me to the part it’s extremely outside of the box, and I love those kind of roles.

What sort of research did you do for the role and did you have any real life inspirations?

Ohhh, I can’t tell you that or I’ll give away the role. But I can tell you that I have some hilarious stories about my research. There is one inspiration but again, I can’t say it. Love to talk to you after it comes out. 🙂

How would you compare/contrast working on television with movies and which do you prefer and why?

I haven’t worked on any feature film sets YET but with the shorts I’ve been on and one won at Cannes I can say that the difference is with a tv show you get to know everyone a lot better and it’s a longer period of time. With a short film, it’s the opposite of that.

What did they do on set to keep everyone tense and lighten the mood? I bet there were some great jokes played.

Some of the actors on set do isolate themselves before a very intense scene. Not too many funny jokes from that – sorry (evil laugh). We kids played pranks all the time on the set with the others.

Who would be your ultimate cast and director to work with and in why type of project?

Ohhh, I’m staring at my hands – blood, blood. You’re trying to get some blood on my hands. It’s hard to pick favorites but I would love to work again with Patrick Warburton again, and Emmy Rossum.

I would LOVE to work with Kathryn Bigelow. Love, Love. Jodie Foster is my mentor. I would die to work with her. But not literally because then I wouldn’t be able to work with her if I was dead. Sitcom would be awesome although I’d love to do feature film.

What do you like to do in your free time and which movies are on your to watch list?

I recently learned to ski and I love my cats who are at home in Estes Park, Colorado, so here I like to volunteer Star Paws Rescue on Sundays to help homeless dogs get homes. I dance and sing a lot even in the car…… Ugh. Some of the movies I want to see are R but let me give them to you anyway. IDENTIFY THIEF, BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD, FRUITVALE, THE BLING RING, ELECTRICK CHILDREN, ZERO DARK THIRTY. My mom let me watch SILVER LININGS while she edited out a few moments. It’s so sad they’re R when it could have been PG-13 and just said “very strong language”. It did not deserve an R when it was just lots of language.

What type of video games do you like and what are you looking forward to?

MOSHI MONSTERS, JUST DANCE, and MINE CRAFT. I’m looking forward to having my own room and own bathroom.

What do you look for from a director to help you give your best performance and what type of characters do you tend to be drawn to?

The directors normally go through the scene with whoever is in it and give you little pointers. Most directors should do that. I believe a director will tell you what he wants if you’re not giving it to her (or him). Outside of the box characters are my fave.
When you consider a script or a potential TV or film project, what elements tend to draw you in and make you want to work on that film?
The people who are in it, the main plot, what type of project is it (comedy, drama, etc.) and the way it’s written. I’ve noticed it’s easier to remember the lines when they actually know how kids talk.

What can you tell us about your upcoming projects?

I’m coming out in SHAMELESS and MISTRESSES along with some voice work on MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS, and I have Sue Naegle whose the President of HBO Entertainment posting on my Influential Women of Hollywood blog this weekend.

Final question, what is the one thing about acting that most people are shocked when you tell them

How rich most of the parents are. Meanwhile, me and my mom are living in an 8 x 10 room together. Seriously, I’m not over-exaggerating. Most people think the best thing about acting is getting to be someone else, but I think that it’s not so much becoming someone else as finding a new part of yourself. Everyone has a little shy, everyone has a little cheerleader and everyone has a little psychopath….but most of the time you shouldn’t show that part (laugh).

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