Lego Marvel Super Heroes Hands On Preview

During our coverage of the 2013 Comic-Con International in San Diego, we were invited to get a hands-on look at Lego Marvel Super Heroes. The game is from Warner Bros. Interactive and combines the popular Lego line of gameplay with the vast array of characters from the Marvel universe.

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There is a campaign and a free play mode and players can work with one another on a co-op basis in the game. I did my demonstration in free play mode and was able to select characters ranging from Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, and many others. One scenario required me to battle on a damaged street covered in cars and other debris. Once I reached a certain point, I had Iron Man unleash a volley of rockets at a target in order to weaken it. A quick change to the Hulk allowed me to take the weakened area and bash my way through it so I could progress to the next area.

The next area I battled in was a building, and I tried playing as Thor, Spider-man, and other characters and noted how each one had their own unique moves and charm. It was also shown to me that you could play as their alter-egos as well as numerous other characters such as villains which all could be played.

The game did require at times to play as another characters such as a heavy object that only The Hulk could grasp, remove, and throw.

The vast number of character options as well as the play options they offer is one of the games strongest points as deciding which character to play and when will offer endless options as players can not only select their favorites, they can find characters that best suit their style of play.

If you want to wade in and destroy everything in your path, then The Hulk is the way to go. If you want pyrotechnics then perhaps Iron Man is best for you. If you want a more athletic approach, then Spider-man or Captain America. It is all about players preferences and fun.

When an enemy is defeated, a shower of Lego parts rewards the players and collecting them allows for more character options and upgrades at a later point in the game.

The controls for the game were easy to learn and playing on a Playstation 3 system, I had no problem getting straight into the action.

The game has appeal to younger players as well as Marvel and Lego fans of all ages who look to immerse themselves in this high enjoyable fantasy setting.

The game is scheduled for release in the fall and looks to be another hit title in the Lego series.