Luc Besson’s latest film will leave you impressed, and possibly a little confused.

Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, comes out this Friday and is Besson’s (Fifth Element, The Professional) most recent stab at something a little bit different.

The film opens with Johansson’s character, Lucy, having an argument with her boyfriend about dropping off a case with unknown contents. After a lot of arguing (and having it handcuffed to her), Lucy is forced into going inside to make the delivery.

As she does, the director takes us on an interesting visual representation of her feelings using scenes similar to what most people recognize from National Geographic, complete with a cheetah hunting a gazelle. The scenes are punctuated by her cheetah-print jacket.

As the story continues, an Asian drug lord uses her as a mule for the substance inside the case. The bag breaks and the chemical starts changing Lucy, evolving her into something… different.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen cinematography of this unique nature, where scenes were spliced in to express the character’s feelings. It’s unusual for a serious film (but still often done in a humorous way). Besson has done a masterful job of integrating serious moments, compelling action, and humor in a Fifth-Element-style to make a fluid, dynamic film. That said, it can feel slightly awkward at times.

I found myself laughing at the humor and engaged by the action, but most of all I was confused as to what I was watching.

This film seems very much akin to an episode of Cosmos. It’s interlaced with a story and some action, but purposefully meant to make a statement about human evolution.

Overall, I’d say this is a film well worth seeing. The acting was great, the cinematography was fantastic, and the direction was beautifully done. The main reason I feel it’s worth spending your money to see on the big screen is because of the gorgeous special effects, which were integrated in a captivating manner.

4 out 5 stars.

Editor : Jeff Boehm


Second Ryan Guerra

The trailer for Lucy is misleading. Especially for a Luc Busson film. You
expect the movie to be action packed with a strong female lead….Your
expectations would only be half right.

Instead you will get a film that starts as that action movie you want, only
to end up as a sci-fi film that makes you ponder your existence and what
makes us human.

As Lucy gains more ability to control her brain, she has the power to
control others. As a result she has no expression in her face and no one
can touch her. As a result, the film gets slow and there is really no sense
of danger or urgency.

Her goal is to pass her knowledge on, by giving everything she learns to
Morgan Freeman who plays the leading professor of neurology. And here is
where the film changes pace. It becomes a story more about enlightenment
and humanity. Rather than a story with any real moving parts. Especially
since we don’t get a sense of the importance of Lucy passing her knowledge
on as the leading minds in neurology don’t even understand the significance
of what she is gifting them.

So in the end, this movie won’t be what you think it is. But if you like to
ponder deep thoughts about human existence and if you could control your
entire brain you will enjoy the film. Like I did.

3.5 stars out of 5