Dwayne “no longer the Rock” Johnson shares his acting skills with the world again.

Action star, sure; drama star, not so much.


In this graphic novel adaptation Hercules is made out to be a questionable

demi-god. With a spectacular retelling of his legendary labors, the story begins

showing Hercules as a sword-for-hire. His band of mercenaries helps him use the fame

to intimidate enemies and garner business.


Haunted by his past, the loss of Alcmene and 3 children, Hercules is offered his

weight in gold to save a kingdom from a tyrant.


Hercules sets off on his quest, hoping soon to be done with it all and retire on a

remote island to live out his days.


This star studded cast lends some great acting skill, Johnson withstanding, to the

big screen. The action will entertain, and the humor will grant a chuckle.


I found the story compelling, but I also feel like humor and the main actor were


Worth seeing but probably better suited for an at-home viewing.


3 out of 5 Stars


Edited By: Jeff Boehm