Battlefield 1 Hands On EA Play

During our coverage of EA Play we got a chance to put in some hands on time with the latest game in the Battlefield series. Battlefield 1. The new game is set in World War 1 which marks a radical departure for the series and introdces a new line of vehicles, weapons, and gameplay exoeriences for fans of the series.

After watching an exciting series of gameplay segments from the game we were shown a series of videos of various strategic objectives that we would encounter in our play session as we were informed that the game would support 64 players in the online portion of the game.

Once we got into our play session, we were able to select our weapons and special item loadouts from a menu before we got to the action.

Our game session was set in a bombed out village in France and the landscape was filled with hills, buildings, craters, and plenty of action. The expansive arena allowed me for combat in the open and close quarters as after a bit of adjustment, I was able to dispatch some enemies using my machine gun and pistol as an impaling charge.

There was so much going on that after a few respawns I opted to move away from fighting on the ground and try to take advantage of some of the advanced tech that was available.
In short order I was a gunner on a Bi-Plane, Tanks, and gigantic Zepplin where I was able to take down a few more of the enemy units. I was just getting into the hang of the game and its fast paced and action filled gameplay when the session ended.

Graphically the game was amazing and the sound and variety of the weapons, vehicles, and setting gave a real sense of immersion that many games attempt to to capture but so few manage to achieve.
If this session is any indication of what lays in store for the final version of the game, fans of the series have alot to be excited about at this appears to be a very innovative and compelling new chapter in the series and I cannot wait to see more.