TitanFall 2 Hands On: EA Play

While covering EA Play, I got some hands on time with the upcoming TitanFall 2 and I am happy to say the latest entry in the franchise appears to be a winner. My wife and I jumped into battle and soon found ourselves taking on other players and bots as we looked to collect a bounty which was assigned to specific targets at random during the game.

The new game incorporates all the best elements of the original game and adds in new Mechs as well as features such as a grappling hook. The grapple allows players to leap into areas of the map as well as hook enemy players and bring them in close for a finishing blow.

I found the same glee of old was taken to a new level as I went on a run and took down five enemy units in a series of gunfire, grenades and unarmed combat. Before too long my TitanFall arrived and I was soon stomping around in my Mech taking down enemy units.

This was short loved when I encountered numerous enemy Mechs and after taking out one of them via sustained gunfire and punches, I had to ride the crazy chair to cowboy up on the surviving enemy Mechs.

The game promises new Mech variations and abilities but I did not get a chance to do more than a couple runs in my Mech during the match. The gunboat retreat was back as vanquished units looked to get away before time was up.

The gameplay was thrilling and the graphics were solid. The wall walking and all the best elements from the first game were back and my wife quickly become a fan after playing as she had not played much with the series prior.

While this was just a small sample of what the final game promises, it was enough to really make an impression and underscore that TitanFall 2 is not only a fun to play and great looking game, it was one of the absolute best things we saw all day while covering E3 2016.