Inhumans Panel Recap: San Diego Comic-Con

During our coverage of San Diego Comic- Con I got a chance to attend the panel for the upcoming Marvel series Inhumans. The pilot for the series was shot in IMAX using a specially designed wider angle lens which was ideal for the jungles of Hawaii where much of the first episode is set. The story involves a group of enhanced humans who live in seclusion on the moon as they are persecuted and hunted on earth. Naturally there is division amongst them as to the best uses of their powers as some believe that they should seek out others like them and bring them into their place of safety, while others think it is necessary to fight or be more active in their ongoing roles. Naturally a power struggle erupts between the King and his brother and based on the footage we saw a coup is attempted which forces the group to take action.

The diverse cast has all manner of powers and abilities not the least of which is an impressive set of hair from the character Medusa which is capable of acting like tentacles to conduct whatever task is necessary. There is also the CGI character Lockjaw who looks to be a fan favorite as well. The series will debut in IMAX theaters on September 1 and will then make its televised appearance September 29 on the ABC network. The three scenes that I saw were visually appealing but I do want to see how it all plays out going forward as the project seems ambitious and hopefully the cast and characters will be well received by fans.

Pictures from Genevieve Mc Bride