The Magicians: Panel Recap: San Diego Comic-Con

During our coverage of San Diego Comic-Con I attended the panel for the upcoming third season of the hit SYFY series The Magicians. The stars and creative talent behind the show were on hand to preview the upcoming season and take questions from fans eager to hear more about their favorite show. Chris Hardwick moderated the panel which featured a sizzle reel showing off a magical boat which will be a key component of the upcoming season set to debut in 2018.

The panel also featured a recap video which summarized the series to date including how the characters from a magical university ended up battling an evil being in another dimension which in turn resulted in a loss of magic for the world. One character may not be affected by this loss but it does appear that those around her are without the powers that they rely upon. The boat is said to be magically enhanced so the interior is vastly larger than it would appear and the scenes would be shot off site while some would be set on the actual deck of the ship so congestion will not be an issue for the cast.

The show is based on a series of popular novels and combines magic and intrigue with plenty of romance and style. Music is a constant fixture in the show and several contemporary and easily recognizable tunes feature prominently into the show but the struggle of course is the inner dynamics and relationships between the characters some of whom have ulterior motives and their own agendas. Based on the packed room it was obvious that show is continuing to appeal to fans that are eager to see more when it resumes in 2018.