ZMI PowerPack 2000

Travel is a big part of what we do, and my wife and I regularly find ourselves driving from Arizona to Las Vegas and California, and flying between Arizona and Washington. This does not factor in staff members who cover shows all over the country and at times overseas as well as cruises, travel reviews, and trips. Many times our 5.5 hour drive to and from a convention involves my wife reading a book on her phone or tablet, or streaming an audio book for us to listen to. Combine this with one phone being charged while the other is being depleted faster than it can be charged in many cases can be an issue. Yes a portable battery back comes in handy, but they charge one device at a time.

Another issue for us often arises in press lounges or when getting ready to go out to an event as access to an outlet can be tricky at a convention center and having the time to wait for a device to charge is almost as frustrating as having to decide which item to charge.

With the ZMI PowerPack 2000; much of this frustration has now been alleviated as charging devices on the go has never been easier.

With enough reserve to charge an S8 5 times as well as other electronics including laptops, phones, tablets, Nintendo Switch, and other devices, users will be able to quickly recharge there devices on the go and also have the peace of mind that they have enough to recharge without the added frustration of having to recharge the charging device and electronics at the same time.

While our main use would be at conventions and during our travels, I could see this device being huge for campers as well as during power outages and well as during extended flights and times when access to an outlet is not feasible.

I am looking forward to really giving the unit a workout during our E3 and San Diego Comic Con travel and coverage not to mention our panels at Phoenix Comic Fest and trip to Seattle for PAX West as it will be a huge help with all of the photos, video, and updates we post from the floor as we move from one meeting to the next.

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