ZMI Powerplug Turbo 45W USB Wall Charger

With people using more and more electronic devices than ever before and with downtime often equally lost production; speed is important. There is nothing worse than being at a convention and your phone is losing charge as is your tablet or camera, and you are running out of options. Sure you can use your backup battery but that will also run dry and who has time to sit for 30-45 minutes to charge up when there is work to be done?

Enter the ZMI Powerplug Turbo 45W USB Wall Charger to the rescue. The compact yet sturdy device offers foldable prongs and allows users to quickly and safely recharge their electronics from any outlet.

From a newer model MacBook in less than two hours to a phone, tablet, and battery, the device is ideal for those looking to charge up during a break or meeting as well as a trip. Everything from a Nintendo Switch to laptop is in play and the device offers ease of use and an 18 month warranty which makes it ideal for all of your needs.

Imagine waiting for your flight and only having a short amount of time to charge up or run the risk of not being able to read, play games, listen to music, connect online, or watch entertainment. Now you can help reduce this problem when you forget to charge or find your current charge depleted faster than expected.

Have a short amount of time before a conference or trade show and need to make sure a device needed for meetings and coverage is charged up? Now you can do this without the impatient waiting around an outlet.

What makes the unit even more impressive is the $15.95 price point which makes it ideal for any budget and a very valuable accessory for those on the go.

Our initial tests went well with the unit and we look forward to using it during the numerous conventions we have coming up in the next few months as well.

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