A Mix Of The Old And New: Electric Football Still Scores

With 70 years of history behind the buzzing and rattle, Tudor Games brought Electric Football to Gen Con for the first time.

Gen Con, the largest tabletop gaming convention in America, took place Aug. 2-5 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Doug Strohm, president and Seahawks fan said that Tudor Deluxe Electric Football is still a very loud game but the new stadiums, stadium sizes and some tweaks for how players move on the field bring the game into the modern era.

“A lot of old people don’t know it is around and younger people don’t know what it is,” he said.

New this year is a redesign to the miniature athletes’ bases. Players can manipulate the plastic bases allowing the miniatures to move faster or slower.

There’s also a play action controller that gives the player the ability to vary the speed of action as it is happening.

“In the old days it was kind of chaos,” Strohm said.

Another unique touch is using a tablet as a miniature “jumbotron” on the table or in one of the Tudor Games’ stadiums. The app is free for Apple and Android devices. The interactive app will display the time and score.

Overall the experience is more refined Strohm said.

Strohm was on the vendor floor at Gen Con with his son, Wyatt. Strohm said that an older generation can remember playing Electric Football because there wasn’t the pull from video games like Madden. He said his son, who is 28-years-old, is trying to bring a younger generation into tabletop Electric Football.

Tim Dipadova, an attendee at Gen Con said since 1973 he’s been a fan of Electric Football. It was one of the ways he got interested in the sport.

“It was something that I could play with my friends and my dad,” he said.

When checking out the modern Electric Football at Gen Con he said that details in the stadium and the players is much better than when he was a child. He was excited to see that Electric Football is still around.

Also at Tudor Games Gen Con booth was a history book “The Unforgettable Buzz,” which chronicles the 70 year history of the game.