HABA Brings New And Well Established Family Games To Gen Con

HABA had a lot of games to share at Gen Con this year ranging from newcomers to awarding winning children’s games.

Gen Con, the largest tabletop gaming convention in America, took place Aug. 2-5 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Bobby West, game specialist on the Gen Con floor said that HABA has released 19 new titles in Q1 of this year.

At Gen Con, HABA brought Karuba The Card Game, Iguazu, Conex and Boom, Bang, Gold! and more.

One game that was available to demo was Iguazu. It is an area control worker placement game with a modular board. The board is designed to look like a waterfall that the longer you play more of the board will be revealed.

“It’s pretty so that draws people in,” West said.

At the end of rounds, players will remove parts of the board to reveal more of the waterfall and its beautiful art. West said that Iguazu is unique because it allows players to focus on what is important on the board instead of being quickly overwhelmed. The game is based on the Iguazu Falls in Argentina.

He said that its for 2-5 people and takes about 20-35 minutes to complete a game.

Also available to demo was Dragon’s Breath, which just won the 2018 Kinderspiel des Jahres, or Children’s Game of the Year.

Dragon’s Breath tasks players with melting ice rings at the center of the board releasing a variety of colored gems. Players take turns removing plastics rings (ice rings) that are stacked on top of each other with a pile of plastic gems in the center.

When a ring is removed gems fall out onto the board and possibly into holes netting points for lucky players.

“I see a lot of adults overthink it,” West said. “Children just go for it.”

Iguazu and Dragon’s Breath are available to purchase now.