How To Set Up The Perfect Gaming Room

If you’re an avid gamer, sitting on the sofa with an old TV doesn’t quite cut it. You need a dedicated gaming space where you can get load up Fallout and get lost in the wasteland for a few hours or maybe invite your friends over and dig out your old N64 for a heated Mario Kart tournament. What you need is a proper gaming room. But setting up a gaming room isn’t just about buying a massive TV (it is partly about that) it’s about creating the ideal environment for your own personal gaming experience. If you’re thinking about setting up your own gaming room, here are a few tips to help you get it right.




Get The Right TV


It’s not all about the TV but that is obviously an important part of your gaming room. Modern video games look so incredible and you need a TV that will do them justice, there’s no point playing a 4K game on a tiny TV that’s 10 years old. Size is the first thing to consider, and usually bigger is better. However, you’ve got to consider the size of the room because if it’s not that big and you can’t sit that far from the TV, a massive one is going to be a bit much. Next, you need to think about quality. If you’ve got the money, you should splash out on a 4K TV because your games will look incredible on it. If you can’t afford one, a decent mid-range LED will do just fine.


Alternatively, you could go for a projector. They’re going to be expensive and you’ll need a big room but they’re great because you can adjust the size of the screen easily. If you regularly have people over for multiplayer sessions, a projector is ideal.


Gaming Chairs


When you’re trying to immerse yourself in a great single player game like Horizon or Red Dead, you want to be comfortable, that’s why you should invest in at least one good gaming chair. If you’ve got the money, you could buy a second if you regularly play with somebody else. You should also look at getting some more casual seating like a sofa and some beanbags for those times when you’ve got a lot of people over for a gaming session.




It’s not just about playing the games, it’s about creating a room that pays homage to all of your favorite games and the great experiences that they’ve given you over the years, that’s why memorabilia is important too. You could get yourself an old pac man arcade machine in there or frame some of your old retro consoles if they don’t work any more. You should also spend a little more on the collector’s editions of your favorite games so you can display all of the extras that come with them.




Atmosphere is important when you’re gaming because the wrong atmosphere can really take away from the experience. That’s why lighting is so important. Get yourself an LED color changing light bulb so you can easily change the feel of the room to suit the mood of the games that you’re playing. If you’re playing on PC, you should get some strip lighting around the bottom of the desk as well to highlight your setup.

The most important thing to remember when you’re creating your gaming room is that you have to make it your own and bring the things that you love about gaming to life.