Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 was a heartwarming story filled with exciting plot twists, lots of laughs, and even a few heart wrenching moments. The movie is easy to follow while still being very exciting. Made by Disney Pixar they uphold their hold on wholesome, funny, and exciting entertainment. I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical at first as this was the fourth movie in the saga and I was convinced that there wasn’t much for the writers to go off on since the 3rd movie comes to such a happy conclusion. I am happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised! I walked into the theatre feeling a little unsure, to being moved to tears by the conclusion of the film, and then leaving the theatre feeling like a small part of my childhood was complete since I was raised on this Disney/Disney-Pixar movies!

The original cast is back at it again with Tom Hanks voicing Woody and Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear. This of course only added to the charm of the movie as I can’t imagine anyone better. It was also awesome to have the Voice actors from Toy Story 3 back and In the movie. I was also very pleased to have Bo Peep back in the saga! One of the best things about the film is the new lovable characters. One of my absolute favorites was Forky voiced by Tony Hale. Forky is a toy that was made by bonnie while she was feeling lonely at kindergarten orientation, Forky is made out of craft supplies (pipe cleaners, googly eyes, etc.) and a spork.

Forky doesn’t want to be Bonnie’s toy at first and is constantly trying to go be in the trash because that is where he feels like he belongs. Woody dedicates himself to keeping forky available to Bonnie because she has become attached to him. Finally, Woody is able to help forky to see why his role in Bonnie’s life is important.

There are plenty of other lovable characters and a wonderful plot. It was a charming movie that I would recommend to all ages! I was very pleased with the movie and would happily go see it again in a heartbeat! I would proudly give the movie 5 stars, It was brilliantly done.


Second Review by Barnetty Kushner



Woody’s mission in life is to take care of his toy owner. All those years

he was there for Andy, and now he’s there for Bonnie. When Bonnie

(Madeleine McGraw) reluctantly has to start kindergarten, Woody (Tom Hanks)

stows away in her backpack and ends up helping Bonnie craft a new “friend”

from some garbage scraps made of a spork, googley eyes, pipe cleaners, and

popsicle sticks—naming her new friend, Forky. Realizing how important Forky

(Tony Hale) is to Bonnie, Woody spends all his time taking care of Forky,

who just wants to go back “home” to the garbage. One day, all the toys,

along with Bonnie and her family, head out on a road trip. Sadly, Forky

and Woody end up lost at a carnival.

The two end up in an antique shop where Woody is reunited with BoPeep and her sheep, and makes new friends

with a fellow pull string doll named Gaby Gaby (Christina Hendricks). Gaby

Gaby’s pull string has been defective right out of the box and is

desperately after Woody’s. She feels that if she gets the voice box

replaced, she will be adopted by the antique shop owner’s granddaughter.

Gaby’s goons end up taking Forky captive in order to lure Woody, BoPeep

(Annie Potts), and some new found friends, so they can get Woody’s voice


A great movie full of heart, comedy, and with a wonderful lesson to be

learned. I do feel that the usual supporting characters were not involved

much in the film and were missed. The progression and growth of Woody is

what carries the movies. Even though, Toy Story 3 seemed like the perfect

ending for when a child grows up it’s time to say good-bye , Toy Story 4

offers a very compelling and complex ending to the actual toy themselves

and what their next phase of toy life will consist of.




3.5 stars