Bloodbowl: Death Zone

Bloodbowl: Death Zone is the latest game in the long-running series that combines Medieval Fantasy with a hybrid of Football and Rugby.

Players take control of a side and must grab a creature which serves as the ball, and navigate through the defense to score.

Naturally the enemy players will do all they can to stop this and instead of tackling you; they will engage you in combat. When a player is locked in combat; they must fight to break free and this can involve positioning your other players in the battle.

There are also spells that can be deployed such as ones to draw blood and exhaust players on the other team or they can be used to heal and provide various boosts to your team.

Players who have the “ball” can elect to throw it to other players within a designated circle or they can throw it away and hope one of their players can get to it first.

While the basics of the game are fun, it is very repetitive and marred by some real issues. The first thing is that the players move very slow and staggering and I could not believe how much stuttering there was especially on system with a GeForce 2070 card as well as a I7 CPU and tons of RAM.

The graphics are also very dated and look like something from at least 10 years ago as there was nothing overly special about them.

The sound effects were even worse as there was a minimum of noise. One would think by 2019 we would have announcers, some smart comments from the crowd, or at least some grunts with some real enthusiasm.

I found the gameplay fun at first but then very tedious as I made my way through the tutorial to matches.

The game does have a difficulty setting but I can honestly say that due to the many issues started earlier; this game is a pass for me.

2 stars out of 5