Star Wars, The D23 Expo, Bond And Movies News on our latest Skewedcast

As we prepare to head to San Diego for Comic-Con; Gareth, Justin, and Michael look at news and rumors, as well as SDCC and D23 Expo news, new DVD, releases, Hardware, and more.

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1:47 Razer Respawn Mental Performance Drink / First Seasons of Titans

Released on Blu-Ray / Dash Cam

6:10 Stories in the News

7:05 James Bond Rumors / Sith Trooper /Space Invaders Movie /Mortal Kombat Movie

12:50 Jurassic World Ride opens at Universal Hollywood

13:46 Lucasfilm Pavilion at D23

22:22 Star Wars Galaxy Edge is open and Rise of the First Order delayed until January

in California

23:33 SDCC news