Sennheiser GSP 670 Wireless

Sennheiser has long been associated with quality audio hardware and their new GSP 670 Wireless headset sets a new standard for quality and performance. Not only is the unit durable, but it is very comfortable and this is great for long gaming sessions and movie watching.

The quality German engineering is clear from the start as this is a unit that is clearly designed to last as well as provide quality audio.

The Gaming Suite software that is available is ideal for gamers looking to set the levels that they want versus being forced to play with many defaults and only having limited control over what they get as they can adjust their Microphone as well as Mixer to make things perfect.

The microphone has noise cancelling features that can be easily adjusted and gives users a broadcast quality option. This is ideal for Streamers as well as those who want to take their matches to the next level.

Since the unit is wireless; the battery length is important and being able to enjoy 16-20 hours of audio is very impressive. The unit will also give users about two hours of use with only 7 minutes of charging.

Naturally sound is the key to any headset and the GSP 670 absolutely soars in this category. From the latest games to the fantastic quality of streaming shows and movies, this is really a great all in one unit as it is as equally impressive on a PC as it is on a console.

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