Sound Blaster AE-7

For many gamers; audio is just as important to the experience as are the graphics. No matter how good a game looks; the experience can be hampered by bad audio in the game and by bad audio hardware. Creative has released the Sound Blaster AE-7 which combines a sound card and amp to give gamers a new level of options and audio quality.

The setup was very easy and the stylish profile of the amp looked great on the testing desk we were using. The proof naturally is in the playing and while testing it on games ranging from RAGE 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII, and others, we not only had crisp and clear audio performance; we also noticed an improved quality over standard USB headsets.

Part of this is due to the use of a Bi-Amplifier which gives each ear cup their own power source so one is not taking away from the other. The audio is also very clear and we tested it from doing a game news recap to a segment for a Skewedcast and it worked amazingly well.

Being able to tout Dolby Digital Live and Virtual surround is a huge plus and the ease of use of the amp really allows players to have a true gaming experience without losing any of the audio that you would expect.

For those who are looking for movies and other audio options, I enjoyed some of the latest shows via streaming platforms during our test and some of the shows really shined with crystal clarity which really helps underscore that the AE-7 is truly an all in one audio solution.

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