Project Genesis Access Codes And Trailer

Here is a look at the game and we have codes available. Please make sure to read the steps below and follow the directions as it is a timed redemption and when we reach our limit of 100 codes we are out.


The code that is needed in order to redeem the game is:


Instructions on how to redeem are as follows:

In order to receive a Steam key for Project Genesis, please create an account in the next 72 hours on

After you get to the page simply pick the option on the far right on the top of the page. username, password, and other information with the code above SNRforPG.

After you get your e-mail to verify and click the link you will see your Steam Key. Click the eye icon which moves it from characters to the key and simply redeem as normal on Steam.

Games tab, activate a product, next, I agree, enter in code, and follow the directions to download.

In addition, please log in and play a few matches, which will allow you to keep your Steam key after the game goes into Early Access.

The best times to log in and play right now are going to be 11am and 5pm PST every weekday when the Devs are in, as the servers are on 24 hours, but there is still limited access and this is a multiplayer game.

At this time, you can also chat with the Community and Devs on Discord –




If you want more good stuff, sign up for our Virtual Cosplay events and win prizes.


Details are below.


Virtual Cosplay


  1. Kevin said:

    Thank you!

    May 19, 2020
    • gareth said:

      Very welcome. Try to get as many movie passes and codes as we can. It is not very easy now as options are very limited.

      May 19, 2020

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