Every now and then a game slips below the radar. Usually this is due to the game coming from a smaller publisher or lacking an expansive p.r. push behind it. It is even more enjoyable when the game arrives and surpasses expectations which is the case of Filament.

The game tasks players to dock their spaceship with another ship and restore systems on the ship. This is done by trailing filaments through a room and making sure that they power up various areas.

This is done by wrapping the filament around polls but in order to make the transfer of energy work properly; players have to find the correct pattern which allows the cable to complete the circuit.

Naturally this becomes a bigger challenge with each new level and players will have to figure out the ever changing patterns needed for success.

Some may want a bit more variety in a game but what Filament does it does well and the game is value-priced and very enjoyable and features over 300 puzzles which makes it an ideal game for those who want a challenge as well as value.


4 stars out of 5